Infusion Safety & Education Software

RxToolKit's powerful software platform ensures infusion centers and home infusion pharmacies reduce medication errors, increase patient safety, enhance clinical competency, and improve clinical outcomes. 



Stop digging through lengthy package inserts.

Our extensive infusion & vaccine monograph library provides infusion nurses with essential drug information instantly, eliminating time waste. Plus, our expert in-house infusion pharmacists are always curating and updating our content library to keep your clinical staff informed.


Take infusions one step at a time.

With simple step-by-step medication instructions, preparing and administrating infusion drugs has never been easier. Each drug has easy-to-navigate instructions for specific use cases and dosages. 

Drug Prep & Adminitration


Life-saving calculators.

You don't have to choose between time and safety. RxToolKit's variety of dosage calculators provide infusion rates, titration schedules, and taper charts in seconds, empowering staff to administer infusions safely and timely.


Improve patient outcomes with e-learning courses.

Our infusion safety courses and assessments enable your clinical staff to enhance competency at their convenience instead of pulling them away from patients.

  • Convenient online courses are available wherever and whenever your staff needs them.
  • Robust certification tracking notifies clinical administrators of staff progress.
  • No software download required. Just internet access.
improve patient outcomes


2 solutions, 1 powerful platform



Our infusion workflow management tools include a library of 250+ infusion and specialty biologic medication monographs, drug-specific calculators, and patient resources that ensure every clinician makes confident dosing decisions.



Our infusion safety ELearning courses enhance clinical competence with up-to-date infusion & vaccine prep and administration courses and assessments. Clinical managers and supervisors benefit from intuitive verification reporting.


What our customers say

“As a nursing director, I am so very thankful for our partnership with RxToolKit. I can always count on current, factual monographs and worksheets to ensure my team is equipped with the information they need for safe, high quality, efficient administration of COVID-19 EUA Monoclonal Antibody Therapeutics.”

“My current focus of practice is pediatrics and neonatal intensive care. Many of the calculators used for this population of patients...have become integral in our day-to-day practice. Because RxToolKit customizes each calculator, they are very precise, without any deviation from the original build.”

“It is quick & easy to access all of the information that I need on each drug. Each drug page has a “patient medication guide” that I give to all of my patients and they find very helpful. RxToolKit allows our team to provide better care, decreases errors, and allows me to always double check myself which I love.”


Need clarification?

Who can benefit from RxToolKit?

Both organizations and individual clinicians who are preparing and administering vaccines, infusions, and injectable medications will benefit from RxToolKit’s software solutions.

Organizations include:

  • Infusion pharmacies & long-term care pharmacies
  • Infusion centers
  • Hospitals & health systems
  • Home health providers
  • Health clinics
  • Universities & academic settings

Individual clinicians include:

  • Clinical compliance leaders
  • Pharmacists & pharmacy techs
  • Physicians & physician assistants
  • Nurses & nurse practitioners

How do you manage content updates?

Our fully licensed multi-disciplinary clinical editing team is made up of pharmacists, nurses, and pharmacy technicians who provide complete quality control.

We stay on top of all changes as they are released from the FDA, and prioritize any changes deemed urgent or critical in nature.

The information is updated in both the RxWorkFlow medication monograph library and the RxELearning drug courses as necessary.

Accuracy and specific drug information can be verified through direct links in every RxWorkFlow monograph that point directly to the complete package insert provided by the FDA.

Our clients are notified of updates via quarterly e-newsletters. We also provide a live Drug Update Report for our clients so they can reference when each RxWorkFlow monograph (and RxELearning course if available) has been updated. The report includes a summary of which section was updated and what changed.

How do we work with RxToolKit and what does it cost?

Our software solutions, RxWorkflow and RxELearning, are licensed together on an affordable monthly subscription basis.

Monthly licensing fees are based on the number of users.

What is the implementation process like?

We have a super simple implementation process which depends on: answering a few customization questions specific to the organization’s use case and completion of an initial kick-off call.

Once we have received a signed license agreement, a member of the RxToolKit implementation team will send the customization questionnaire and reach out to schedule a 30-minute initial kick-off meeting. After receiving answers to the customization questions and following the kick-off meeting, organizations can be live within one week.

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